When Moving Forward Matters

In training, technique counts...a lot!

Even the best sales training program, with the highest quality curriculum and top-notch materials, will fail if you don‘t have the right trainers in place.

Does that mean that you have to contract or recruit professional trainers to run your programs? Absolutely not! As a matter-of-fact, your most credible trainers will come from within your own organization — in other words, your top performers! After all, it takes the ‘best’ to train the ‘best.’ Your ‘best’ just need to be trained on the proven techniques of training!

LEVEREDGE Train-the-Trainer Provides Three Key Outcomes:

  • The participants will utilize the ADDIE Methodology to turn a training request into a training deliverable
  • The participants will employ adult learning principles to increase the trainees’ ability to retain and apply desired knowledge and skills
  • The participants will use professional facilitation skills to create a high-energy and interactive learning environment