When Moving Forward Matters

Do you know why you are successful?
Do you know why your people are successful?

For years, most experts believed that the key to improving performance was to identify and then correct areas of weakness. The time and resources that have been, and are still, allotted to this type of corrective initiative are staggering, even though the most recent research has proven this strategy to be flawed, and the return on investment minimal. By contrast, this same research concludes that exceptional performance can be directly linked to harnessing and developing talents and strengths.

For an organization to capitalize on these findings, it must first help its people to indentify their talents and strengths; and then put them in a position to do what they do best...every day.

Talents and Strengths Provides Two Key Outcomes:

  • Using the SRG™ Online TalentProfiler, the participants will identify their top twelve talent themes, and describe how employing them on-the-job can improve their results, and ultimately raise their level of performance
  • The participants will compare and contrast their own talent profiles with those of their colleagues, and strategize how to leverage their collective strengths to better collaborate and increase their overall effectiveness