When Moving Forward Matters

Stand out from the crowd!

You have to work harder today than ever before to simply be remembered. The competitive landscape has intensified, the customer is inundated with both information and responsibility, and over the years, the buyer/seller relationship has become quite dysfunctional. Customers have grown to expect the “same old, same old” from their sales professionals, and subsequently have learned to play the part of the “same old, same old” customer.

Yet, there are still those sales professionals who excel, - those who rank at the top consistently, year after year. What makes them different? What sets them apart? LEVEREDGE provides insight into those very compelling questions.

Selling With An EDGE Provides Three Key Outcomes:

  • In each phase of the EDGE UP Model, the participants will learn and practice proven techniques that differentiate top performing sales professionals from their counterparts
  • The participants will utilize the EDGE UP Model to prepare questioning strategies to thoroughly qualify opportunities, and then communicate applicable needs-based solutions in a clear, concise, and compelling message
  • The participants will utilize the EDGE UP Expectations Worksheet to seek and gain customer commitments to continually move sales forward