When Moving Forward Matters
  • Because your new sales professionals don‘t hit the ground running
  • Because your tenured sales professionals have hit a plateau
  • Because your company and your challenges are unique
  • Because you have aggressive sales targets

You need an INTERNAL Competency-Based Sales Training Program

It‘s just the catalyst you need to fast-track your rookies, and energize your veterans. A boost in knowledge and skill will provide your sales force with new ideas, practice, and confidence — this typically translates to higher levels of engagement, increased productivity and ultimately improved sales results for you and your organization!

Sales Training — From the Ground Up Provides Five Key Outcomes:

  • A thorough training needs assessment to identify and prioritize the core competencies of your top performing sales professionals
  • A customized program that details the training sequence, desired outcomes, learning objectives, and metrics to support the agreed-upon core competencies
  • Curriculum, learning solutions, and materials to support the desired outcomes
  • A process to collect and house the quality documents required to substantiate the effectiveness of a sales training program
  • Program implementation by LEVEREDGE facilitators or LEVEREDGE certified client trainers