When Moving Forward Matters

Do you have a "bench" for your organization's future leaders?

Building and cultivating a leadership bench can often present a significant challenge since most of the high-potential candidates that would be considered for this bench have not yet had the opportunity to manage or lead. This leaves you in the tenuous position of trying to predict if and how a candidate’s current skill set will translate to a leadership role.

Predictive Succession Planning Provides Four Key Outcomes:

  • Implementation of a standardized process that utilizes a variety of instruments and exercises for assessing the precise competencies that your organization has identified as necessary to lead effectively
  • A clear understanding of each candidate’s strengths and developmental needs as they relate to your leadership competencies
  • A deeper insight and shared perspective regarding each candidate’s current level of leadership readiness and long-term growth potential
  • An agreed-upon course of action for the ongoing professional development of each candidate