When Moving Forward Matters

It's the new smart!

It has been called many things – Interpersonal Skills; People Skills; Intuitiveness; finally, and most recently, Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Whatever you may choose to call it, the knowledge, skills, and abilities that comprise EQ have forever changed our definition of what it means to be smart.

Being successful in today’s workplace greatly depends on your ability to understand and effectively manage emotions, in both yourself and others. Recent studies have shown EQ to be a reliable predictor of performance across a wide range of occupations. For this reason, EQ has become the “new yardstick” by which professionals are measured. The good news is that EQ represents a range of skills that can be readily learned and developed.

Emotional Intelligence Provides Two Key Outcomes:

  • The participants will recognize and identify the Four Core EQ Skills in action, and describe how increasing these skills can improve business results
  • Using the TalentSmart ™ Online EQ Appraisal, the participants will develop individual action plans that will identify specific strategies to promote their growth and development for each of the Four Core EQ Skills